What pain in the body wants you to know.

Pain of any kind – acute or chronic – in the body is just information.  The information it gives us varies from person to person, as we are all unique.  In order to decipher and decode the information the body is giving us, we need to understand its language.  The body speaks to us in feelings and sensations – if it didn’t, we wouldn’t feel anything at all.

Taking time to pause and tune in to your unique body and the message it’s giving you is an important step in being able to understand its process.  The body is infinitely wise and wants to get rid of things that are no longer necessary in the most direct and efficient way possible. 

For some, this may be a cold and for others it may be a stomach bug.  Whatever way your body expresses itself can be honored by the simple act of appreciating its wisdom.  

This simple act can allow things to move through the body with grace and ease, as it sends a powerful message to each of your cells that you trust it to do its job.  It is also from this state that you can know from your own wisdom if there would be something you can do to support yourself during the process, like taking Vitamin C or receiving a chiropractic adjustment.

It takes practice to listen to your body and understand what it wants you to know.  Follow this link if you’d like some assistance.

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