Joyful Offerings

I consider myself an activator, a liberator, and an alchemist of joy. Together, we can activate your own joy alchemist.

This place of aligning more fully with who you really are is a place we are all being invited into. We have been taught for millennia to disconnect from this place, which is one reason why it feels so hard and dangerous. The only real danger is in not knowing yourself so deeply that life feels breathtaking in every moment. There is a vastness within you that is eternally peaceful and joyful and it is the most sacred place you can stand. A seed sprouting looks like an explosion. The power within you is the power that will liberate you and free all those around you. 

Explore my offerings below

Private Calls

Bring whatever topic is surfacing for you right now to the table!

Oftentimes things comes up when we’re on this kind of a journey called life. It can be helpful to have clarity so that you can move through whatever presents itself to you with more fluidity and lightness.

I’ll feel your energy either remotely or in person and we’ll discuss what I have found to be the core energy stagnation.  This will allow you to choose something else that is a reflection of who you really are.  Allow a new reality to emerge by connecting to the real you.

Please email and let us know how you would like to proceed. You will be emailed an invoice and given a schedule to choose the best day/ time for you.

8 Minutes of Alignment

The Energy of Alignment is a 28-day program to bring more ease and lightness into your life. It consists of 8-minute daily exercises that include breathing techniques, positive messages, and uplifting visuals.

You can choose to explore this offering on your own or receive it with personal assistance from me, which includes one 60-minute meeting (in-person or virtual), and three responses from me regarding your weekly experience. You can email me once weekly three times after our initial meeting, and I’ll reply in the form of an email or video. Please indicate your preference.

If you choose my assistance you can take up to three months to complete the journey, or complete it in one month as it’s originally designed.

Book a Complimentary 15-minute Get to Know Me Call

If you want more clarity, guidance, or just want to get a feel if we’re a good fit.

Group Party/Retreats are available upon request! (Online or In-Person)

Let’s make something beautiful together.