Consciously Creating Harmony for Humanity.

Dr. Nicole Bailey

“I feel truly inspired and called to play with uncovering and rediscovering JOY. This is the gold within that makes all things possible.”

Meet Nicole

Dr. Nicole Bailey has been serving her community for the last twenty years.  She assists the healing process through the direct rediscovery of one’s pure essence. She knows that an entirely new reality is available within the wisdom of your own heart. Her purpose is to allow the wisdom of the body to sublimely shine and emanate harmony. She offers her healing services both in person and remotely.

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Let’s start summer with Joy!

I would like to invite you to receive Notes From Your Heart email series, where you’ll receive an email each day for a month. The Notes come from my heart to yours and are fun ways to connect each day to joy, lightness, and harmony. This is literally years in the making. It is a playful way to remember who you are.

Being released July 1, 2023!