Meet Dr. Nicole

Energy Alignment Specialist

Vibrational Healer

Mind Body Alchemist

I already know your wholeness. Let me walk side by side with you so you can discover the certainty of you!

Why have I expanded my practice to include vibrational healing that can be done both in person and remotely?

Hi! I’m Dr. Nicole Bailey, a chiropractor of 20 years that has specifically worked with the physical body. This experience combined with being highly intuitive has allowed me to be able to both see and feel where energy is being stuck in  the body. As a child, I experienced a tremendous amount of heavy emotion that manifested in my physical body, making life feel like an uphill battle. I was very familiar with the energy of achieving, overcoming, and making things happen – which all seem like quality character traits. However, life can be so much easier than what we have learned and reinforced into our bodies and belief systems as habitual patterns.

Pain and disease of any kind is just a habit and it is not a reflection of who you really are. Pain is only information. Actually, pain is only energy. Many people are stuck in pain patterns (physical, mental, emotional, financial) that don’t allow them to have access to all of life’s resources. Because we as humans are mostly energy rather than physical, we have the ability to make the biggest changes in the vibrational and energetic system. 

It has been this awareness that has allowed me to assist so many people to connect deeper to themselves, resulting in a ripple effect beyond their imagining.

Being able to fully receive the moment that’s right in front of you while staying in your alignment takes practice. I’m here to assist that awakening.

It’s never the thing outside us we think will bring us peace – it always comes from within. Your life has so many gifts for you just waiting for you to open!

“The caterpillar inside the chrysalis liquifies before reconstructing as a butterfly.” We are reconstructing right now. What are you going to fill your new wings with?

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