“When you liberate yourself, you liberate humanity.”

One of the greatest “AHHA” moments for me was the realization that life is happening for me, not against me. I received this knowledge, this awareness, through my journey with Dr. Nicole. I received this at at time in my life when it was so needed and…believe I was brought to it in the round about way of chiropractic care. One step leads to another, to another, and down the healing path I go. Looking forward to many “AHHA” moments as I continue to follow the “Liberation of Joy” collective.

– Lauren R.

Hi!! So, I felt really good at the beach and had a lot of energy. I really feel like more than anything you were clearing things for me that I needed gone to move onto the next step…and boy have I done that! I had a breakthrough on social media, on tik tok specifically. And some of our videos are going viral. I’ve also had people reaching out more lately for healing sessions and even got a wedding officiant job…all within the last week. Thank you for lining me up with where I needed to be to start welcoming all of this abundance. I also feel like a lot of people are connected to my energy because our video is reaching thousands of people and I am really thankful that you help me prepare for that.

– Lindsay

Dr. Nicole provided me with a body reading virtually a couple of weeks ago and to say that I was very surprised by the accuracy of her evaluations would be an understatement. To think that someone could be so in tune from a distance and offer such valuable and accurate insight is astounding. I was able to verbalize a couple of things for the first time with her guidance and after hearing her feedback, which has allowed me to make forward progress in my own life. Overall I was very happy with the experience.

– Whitney

Linda D.

10 Messages Your Body Wants You To Know

“Insightful, gives you a lot of tools to really “hear” what your body is telling you.”

Alicia M.

10 Messages Your Body Wants You To Know

“It resonates with me way too much. I really love that she brings joy to the process.”