How Do I Make Peace with Pain?

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Pain of any kind (mental/ emotional/ physical) is only information. The information is always an invitation to align with peace. Aligning with peace always means allowing what is to be. This allowing will allow everything to soften instead of contract. Softening lets the innate wisdom from within to flow with more grace and ease. Also, breathing deeply from the lower belly lets any contractions in the mind or body to release.

Pain doesn’t ever mean you aren’t healthy or that you are weaker than others. Sometimes pain is the most efficient way to move stuck energy and allow the wisdom to reset itself to its true source of harmony, which is your birthrite.

Check out the flow chart below to assist with how you can make peace with pain.


The Flow of the Mind Body Connection

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I created this infographic to visually explain the energetics of your emotional alignment and how that can contribute to your physical alignment. You can also find this infographic and much more similar content in my eBook “The Liberation of Joy” 

If you’re interested in discussing the Mind Body Connection even more deeply, we hold Mind Body Community Gatherings in the office on the last Wednesday of each month at 7pm. 

If you’d like to attend one of our Community Gatherings, please email baileyfamilycc@gmail.com to RSVP! 

A Plentitude Poem to Remember

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That you are made of Pure Love 

That your natural state is one of Deep Peace

That there is Profound Joy within you that is always accessible

That you have Courage to follow your heart intelligence

That you Appreciate all of your life’s experiences

That you can always choose Lightness on your journeys

That true Compassion can heal anything

That you Care for yourself and others in your wholeness with

gentleness and tenderness

That the Wonder of life dances with you in each eternal moment,

brings a smile to your lips, a laugh from your belly, a tear to your

eye from being so deeply touched by the magic that is you and

by the beauty that surrounds you.

The Power of Uncertainty

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Uncertainty is the bridge to certainty.

Most people want to get to certainty by controlling their experience by any means possible in the form of mind-based distractions. However, this thought-based form of control by doing will never allow you to access the pure potential of who you really are, which is completely fulfilled at all times. 

To really allow unlimited access to the certainty of anything, one must practice the feeling of certainty. Not in a fake-it-till-you-make-it way, because that would be inauthentic – but in a real-time allowing-and-embracing-of-all-that-is way. 

It’s when we can let go of a desired outcome or goal that we allow our innate intelligence and wisdom to shine and guide the way to certainty.

Why I’m NOT Trying to Be Better in 2022

The only reason most people try to be better is that they believe they are lacking something, are inherently not good enough, or are under the impression that one must work hard to achieve success. All of these reasons are fine reasons if that’s your thing, but if you’d like to align with more ease in your life I’ll invite you to a new perspective.

What if you loosened your grip on achievements and let yourself capture the Wonder of the Day? You would send a powerful signal to your trillion cells, which would raise your vibration and allow you to receive more effortlessly. By aligning with ease, you can connect to the wisdom of your heart and the intelligence of the body in a more fluid way. This fluidity creates lightness in all of your activities and this is also when true Joy shows up! Joy is who we really are, regardless of conditions outside of us. This is why I welcome heartfelt inspiration over mind-led determination. It’s easier and more fun.

What is your Contribution

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The gift you are to the world is so exquisite. but do you know it? If you knew this incredible gem how would you experience your life each day?

It is not how much we are doing each day but who we are being in the world that really contributes to us and our loved ones.

It’s the way we allow ourselves to shine no matter what activity we are doing. We have the ability to connect to this part of yourself in each breath. Each moment gives us another chance to choose to shine.

I’m here to assist you with discovering your joy from within.

Top 5 Meaningful and Heart-Centered Gifts

Is there someone on your list that you forgot to get something for… (you?!)A meaningful gift that will take you far beyond the holiday season. What could be a better gift than inner freedom?

Here is a list of my TOP 5 MEANINGFUL AND HEART-CENTERED GIFTS for you or others this holiday season and beyond.

1. The Plentitude Collection by Karine Bedard~Beautiful artwork that I use as a powerful visual to connect to myself and create my day.https://karinebedardartiste.com/…/plenitude-collection/…

2. Little Friends in my Heart by Dominique Giroux~A children’s book with beautiful illustrations that can be enjoyed by all ages. A must-have in every home library!https://lespetitsamis.ca/fr/accueil

3. “What if Money Was Your Best Friend” by Sylvie Olivier~An online self-paced home study course that connects you to your source of true Prosperity.https://goldenheartwisdom.com/…/what-if-money…/ref/61/

4. Lifetones by VoxAnna~Customized songs personalized for you that allow your system to “wake up” to your unique gifts.https://www.voxanna.com/sign-up-for-your-unique-lifetones/

5. Opening with Dr. Nicole~A remote energy reading and virtual alignment for you to allow a new reality to emerge by connecting to the real you.https://workwithdrnicole.as.me/schedule.php

What are you creating in 2022?

Feelings Not Healings

The emotional body is included in our work, although sometimes people separate it from the physical body as if they are two different things. Yes, emotions get trapped in the same way a physical misalignment from a slip, fall or accident can.

To some, this is mind-blowing, while others live it as their reality first-hand. The emotion will get trapped if you are not willing to feel it or acknowledge it when it comes up on some level. This is why some people cry during or after an adjustment or feel more emotional, overall. This is a beautiful release that the body makes so that you can feel lighter.

The body is fluid in its natural state and is always ready to release what is no longer serving you.

Why does my neck hurt?

As chiropractors, people often ask why they have neck pain.  If we find that there is misalignment in the spine during our examination, that is oftentimes the reason for pain in the neck area.  Sometimes there has been a history of car accidents or sports injuries.  Improper posture and poor posture overall, also are contributing factors. 

Misalignments in the neck area lead to tight and inflamed muscles that remain in a chronic state of stress, which can make one feel as though they can never relax.

Neck pain stemming from misalignments of the cervical vertebrae can contribute to common ailments like headaches, sinus problems, and sleep issues. Irritability can also occur, which surprises most people when they learn this can be a reason for the low mood one can experience. 

The reason that neck pain can affect so many different areas of your life is because of where the nerves in this part of your spine travel.  Some go to the head, thus creating a headache, while others to the sinus area wreaking havoc on the allergic response.

It’s important to remember that symptoms are information as to how our bodies are functioning.  If you have a new symptom and it’s interfering with any part of your life, get it checked out.

What pain in the body wants you to know.

Pain of any kind – acute or chronic – in the body is just information.  The information it gives us varies from person to person, as we are all unique.  In order to decipher and decode the information the body is giving us, we need to understand its language.  The body speaks to us in feelings and sensations – if it didn’t, we wouldn’t feel anything at all.

Taking time to pause and tune in to your unique body and the message it’s giving you is an important step in being able to understand its process.  The body is infinitely wise and wants to get rid of things that are no longer necessary in the most direct and efficient way possible. 

For some, this may be a cold and for others it may be a stomach bug.  Whatever way your body expresses itself can be honored by the simple act of appreciating its wisdom.  

This simple act can allow things to move through the body with grace and ease, as it sends a powerful message to each of your cells that you trust it to do its job.  It is also from this state that you can know from your own wisdom if there would be something you can do to support yourself during the process, like taking Vitamin C or receiving a chiropractic adjustment.

It takes practice to listen to your body and understand what it wants you to know.  Follow this link if you’d like some assistance.