Why I’m NOT Trying to Be Better in 2022

The only reason most people try to be better is that they believe they are lacking something, are inherently not good enough, or are under the impression that one must work hard to achieve success. All of these reasons are fine reasons if that’s your thing, but if you’d like to align with more ease in your life I’ll invite you to a new perspective.

What if you loosened your grip on achievements and let yourself capture the Wonder of the Day? You would send a powerful signal to your trillion cells, which would raise your vibration and allow you to receive more effortlessly. By aligning with ease, you can connect to the wisdom of your heart and the intelligence of the body in a more fluid way. This fluidity creates lightness in all of your activities and this is also when true Joy shows up! Joy is who we really are, regardless of conditions outside of us. This is why I welcome heartfelt inspiration over mind-led determination. It’s easier and more fun.

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