Top 5 Meaningful and Heart-Centered Gifts

Is there someone on your list that you forgot to get something for… (you?!)A meaningful gift that will take you far beyond the holiday season. What could be a better gift than inner freedom?

Here is a list of my TOP 5 MEANINGFUL AND HEART-CENTERED GIFTS for you or others this holiday season and beyond.

1. The Plentitude Collection by Karine Bedard~Beautiful artwork that I use as a powerful visual to connect to myself and create my day.…/plenitude-collection/…

2. Little Friends in my Heart by Dominique Giroux~A children’s book with beautiful illustrations that can be enjoyed by all ages. A must-have in every home library!

3. “What if Money Was Your Best Friend” by Sylvie Olivier~An online self-paced home study course that connects you to your source of true Prosperity.…/what-if-money…/ref/61/

4. Lifetones by VoxAnna~Customized songs personalized for you that allow your system to “wake up” to your unique gifts.

5. Opening with Dr. Nicole~A remote energy reading and virtual alignment for you to allow a new reality to emerge by connecting to the real you.

What are you creating in 2022?

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