Why does my neck hurt?

As chiropractors, people often ask why they have neck pain.  If we find that there is misalignment in the spine during our examination, that is oftentimes the reason for pain in the neck area.  Sometimes there has been a history of car accidents or sports injuries.  Improper posture and poor posture overall, also are contributing factors. 

Misalignments in the neck area lead to tight and inflamed muscles that remain in a chronic state of stress, which can make one feel as though they can never relax.

Neck pain stemming from misalignments of the cervical vertebrae can contribute to common ailments like headaches, sinus problems, and sleep issues. Irritability can also occur, which surprises most people when they learn this can be a reason for the low mood one can experience. 

The reason that neck pain can affect so many different areas of your life is because of where the nerves in this part of your spine travel.  Some go to the head, thus creating a headache, while others to the sinus area wreaking havoc on the allergic response.

It’s important to remember that symptoms are information as to how our bodies are functioning.  If you have a new symptom and it’s interfering with any part of your life, get it checked out.

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